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CodeDojoAsia (CDA) is a Tech Company. We established since 2016 with passion to develop IT-based products and to be a solution to the existing business problems, focusing on the development of Mobile Application, Social Media Application, Web-based applications, Campaign & Event Application, Government Solutions, IOT (Internet Of Things), with Amazing integration Backend Technology. We are consists of experienced talents in the mastery of specific concepts and tools of product development. We have produced some innovative products and achieve a number of accomplishments.


This is what we can do for best service


We experienced more than 2 years to build web-based information systems and application such as ERP, E-Governance, Management Information systems, Asset Management, Integration Public Service Information Systems, Integrated API, Inventory Systems, Productivity Applications, and Geographic Information System. We always provide a great solution to support your business.


We could develop any type of custom mobile application based on your business needs, start with a social media application, online streaming media, and entertainment mobile application, virtual reality. augmented reality, enterprise mobile app can integrate with the mobile app with the existing system or other devices such as NFC and microcontroller for the internet of things like Arduino, Raspberry Pi and etc.


Our team is full of imaginative talents, artists, and dreamers who want to realize every imagination becomes an amazing game with the awesome gaming experience. Build it on various of platform such mobile smartphone, tablet, desktop and web.


We are a team of developers that are active community movers in Medan, Indonesia

Muhammad Akbar

Chief Executive Officer

Mohammad Iqbal


Fahrul Hidayat


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